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We trade in propeller scraps and supply them to various stainless steel manufacturers and foundries. We export them to Europe and Far East Asia. We have an in built unit which specialises in processing the ship propellers obtained out of ship recycling. The propellers are tested and cut according to the customer’s requirement and are of uniform chemistry material.

  • Al bronze
  • High Mn ;Al Bronze
  • Mn Bronze
Sr. NoNameInternational
Standard Grade
Composition & Range (%)
01ALUMINIUM BRONZE(AB2)C95500, C95800, C333G, JIS CAC 70378 min3-63-68.5-11.50.5-20.5 max0.10 max0.10 max
02HIGH MANGANESE BRONZEALBC471-841-42-56-107-150.50 max0.10 max0.10 max
03MANGANESE BRONZE (AB2)C86400, HTB 1, JIS CAC 30155 min1 max2 max0.5-2.50.1-3balance1.5 max1.5 max

International Standard Grade      C95500, C95800, C333G, JIS CAC 703

CU    78 min

NI    3-6

FE    3-6

AL 8.5-11.5

MN    0.5-2

ZN    0.5 max

SN    0.10 max

PB    0.10 max

International Standard Grade      ALBC4

CU    71-84

NI    1.4

FE    2-5

AL 6-10

MN    7-15

ZN    0.50 max

SN    0.10 max

PB    0.10 max

International Standard Grade     C86400, HTB 1, JIS CAC 301

CU    55 min

NI    1 max

FE    2 max

AL 0.5-2.5

MN    0.1-3

ZN    balance

SN    1.5 max

PB    1.5 max

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