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Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless Steel Scrap

We deal in all kinds of stainless steel scrap. Each and every piece of scrap is tested by out in house portable spectrometers to ensure no mixing of different grade materials. We customize the size of the scrap according to our customer’s requirements and supply ready to charge materials which are of the top quality and are rarely subjected to any change in chemistry or size.


We customise the scrap in various sizes according to the furnace size of the customer. We help in reducing the production cycle of the manufacturer by supplying ready to charge material so that the buyer can concentrate on producing steel and not on cutting segregating material. Our supplies are always of the top quality and are rarely subjected to any variations in chemistry or size.


This kind of scrap is our specialty. We are supplying to various foundries all over India the highest quality of scrap in the form of plate/sheet and pipe cuttings. We guarantee the chemistry and uniformity of the material. We process the scrap by cleaning and washing with sand blasting machine to make it decontaminate from rust, oil, paint or any other external materials. We cut the scrap to small pieces to suit the furnace size of our customer.


We are stockiest of used stainless steel pipes and plates. People who wish to economise their capital investment buy from us as our material works out to be much cheaper than prime material. The various products available are:

  • Pipes
  • Flange
  • Bends
  • Sheets


Clad steel plate is a composite steel plate made by bonding stainless steel plate, etc. (cladding material) to either or both sides of a carbon steel or low alloy steel plate (base metal).

Therefore, clad steel plate has not only sufficient strength required of structural materials (base metal) but other functions including resistance to heat and corrosion (cladding material) and is lower in cost than similar products made entirely of the cladding material.

We also trade in CLADDED PLATES. Consequently, clad steel plate is used in a variety of industrial fields including shipbuilding, construction and manufacturing of various tanks.

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