Workers' Skill Development

All workers are provided with general Induction Training Video with analysis of training prior to performing any ship recycling activity. Training are depending on the tasks and responsibilities of ship recycling facilitiesĀ“ workers including training for workers which are part of one or more of the special teams as specified below.

The training program enables all workers to safely undertake all operations that they are tasked to do and ensures that all workers at the yard are trained.

Trainings are specified in the training plan for the following groups:

  • Own employees, workers and subcontractors (if required) performing internal service
  • External service sub-contractors supporting but not directly interfering with activities of yard (if required)
  • Visitors and Inspectors (if required)

Induction Training

Hazmat Training

Oil Spill Training

Tool Box Meeting

Mock drills are carried out on average two per month. Mock drills are chosen, planned, supervised and evaluated by HSE Department.
Participants in mock drills are depending on the type of drill and are selected by HSE Department. Mock drills for instances which affect all workers like evacuation of our yard and major incidents are attended by all employees and sub-contracted workers.
The following mock drills are applicable:

  • Fire fighting
  • Evacuation of ship and evacuation of facility
    • From shoreline
    • From ship
    • Onshore
  • First aid including rescue of injured worker
    • onboard
    • onshore
  • General emergency in combination with external emergency teams (e.g. fire department, hospital, coast guard)
  • Bad weather preparations

Evacuation Drill

Fire On Yard

Work at height