Ship recycling has always been a very important part of the life cycle of ships. Ship recycling has undergone various changes in last 3 decades. The change is not only in the process and techniques of recycling but also in the outlook and vision of all the stakeholders involved in recycling. It is clearly realized that for long term sustainability of business, efforts have to be made for safe, healthy and environmentally. sound recycling of ships.

Ship owner’s role

The ship owners are the one who have gained the most out of the operations of the vessels. Once the operating life of the vessels is our, the onus lies with the owners to scrap their vessel at a responsible ship recycling facility. In order to promote Green Recycling, the owners might have to forego a little on the price of their vessel but end up fulfilling their duty towards the society at large. The owners first of all need to realize their responsibility and act on the same. the subsequent procedure is quite simple as the responsible recycling facilities have to be nominated by the owners and sub-contractors appointed for preparation of Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) on board the vessel and monitoring of recycling operation.

Ship recycler’s role

Ship recyclers are the most important link in this business. They are the people who mainly handle the vessel physically during the process of recycling. They have to upgrade their recycling facilities by investing time, energy and commitment of funds. Once the facilities are upgrade and ready, the facility has to be certified and approved by various ISO and Class Societies. The Ship Recyclers have to continuously engage in training and betterment of the facility. they have to have a get a Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) and Ship Recycling Plan ( SRP) approved by the sellers or their sub-contractors. Ship Recyclers have to ensure that they follow all rules and regulation laid down by the international convention and State/Country. They have to ensure that all the infrastructure is upgraded as per the international conventions and owners expectations. They also have to put in place a system where in practices of safe and environment friendly Green Ship Recycling becomes a norm rather than an exception.